Road Rules: When can pets become a distraction while driving?
Q: Distracted driving is easy to pin on phone usage, but what about little dogs on drivers’ laps? I’ve seen so many …
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Year in Review: Blaine Library
2020 began like previous years with the Blaine Library’s usual slate of programs – children’s storytimes, LEGO, …
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U.S./Canada border closure extended until February 21
The U.S./Canada border closure to non-essential travel has been extended for the 10th time with a continued closure until at least …
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Everything you need to know to prevent falls in the bathroom
Bathrooms can serve as sanctuaries, providing a warm tub to soak in after a long, weary day or a private place to retire for a few …
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WCLS to host virtual events for Washington Black book
Whatcom County Library System (WCLS) is hosting online events in March in anticipation of Canadian author Esi Edugyan’s …
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Investigation continues on train derailment
Investigators say they still haven’t found an explanation for the Custer derailment that caused fires after 10 train cars …
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District judge orders release of CBP Iranian detention directive
Along with other documents, a directive issued by Custom and Border Protection’s (CBP) Seattle Field Office to detain and …
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Year in Review: Whatcom County Sheriff's Office
On behalf of all members of the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It’s an honor to …
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Healthy resolutions that are easy to keep
The dawn of a new year is a great time to take stock of the year that just passed and set goals for the next 12 months. Resolutions …
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Blaine-Birch Bay Park and Recreation District 2
When 2020 started, the gym in Birch Bay was bustling with fitness classes, kids’ activities, basketball practices, pickleball …
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