Police Department Reports, October 1-7, 2020


September 19, 6:26 a.m.: A Blaine officer is investigating a possession of stolen property incident. A credit card, among other items, was stolen from a vehicle a few days prior. There were three attempts to withdraw money from the account at a bank in Blaine.  Officer will be requesting security images to attempt to identify the suspect.

September 19, 12:38 p.m.: Blaine Police Department was requested to assist with checking the welfare of an individual on a boat in Drayton Harbor. Officers checked the area and found the boat with an individual on board. Officers were too far away to confirm. Coast Guard was updated and Blaine police cleared.

September 20, 11:00 a.m.: Blaine Police officers served trespass notices to three people loitering at a business in the 400 block of Peace Portal Drive. The subjects were cooperative and left the area after receiving the trespass notice.

September 20, 9:28 p.m.: Blaine Police Department officers responded to a reported physical dispute in the 400 block of B Street. Officers were advised the information was second hand, but an emergency response was being requested. Upon arrival, officers contacted an individual who claimed nothing happened and she was just irritated with how the day had gone. Officers were not able to establish probable cause for any crimes.

September 20, 11:36 p.m.: Blaine Police Department officers were dispatched to a reported neighbor dispute in the 400 block of 9th Street. Officers spoke with the complainant who reported a neighbor was recording her after she was recording them. Through the investigation it was determined a crime had not occurred, but the complainant requested the individual of concern be trespassed from their property. This person was contacted and requested the complainant in the original call, along with her husband, be trespassed from his property. Mutual trespass warnings issued.

September 21, 9:27 p.m.: During routine patrols Blaine police located a vehicle being driven with a falsified trip permit. Upon stopping the vehicle, it was learned that the vehicle had been bought at a salvage auction and had never been inspected by the Washington State Patrol. The vehicle was impounded and the driver was issued a criminal summons and two moving violations.

September 21, 12:29 p.m.: A woman called police to report a theft of her pressure washer. The theft is believed to have occurred Friday, September 18 when the pressure washer was left outside near the victim’s front porch.

September 21, 3:50 p.m.: A woman came to the police department wishing to report the loss of her purse. The woman claimed the purse was lost about a week ago possibly in Blaine or Ferndale. No purses have been recovered recently in Blaine and the officer had dispatch check with several other agencies. No reports of “found purses” were located by dispatch.

September 21, 7:02 p.m.: Blaine police conducted a traffic stop after an officer observed the driver cross the center line and fog line on multiple occasions. The driver was determined to have a suspended driver’s license. The driver was arrested for the violation and booked into jail on separate drug charges from the traffic stop.

September 21, 8:49 p.m.: Blaine police responded to a report of someone throwing something against their house, waking the home owners up. The home owners believed it might have been a disgruntled neighbor, but the investigating officer was not able to determine what caused the noise.

September 22, 12:53 p.m.: A Canadian law enforcement agency requested assistance with a case involving a Blaine man. The suspect’s current address was confirmed and relayed to Canadian investigators.

Reports provided by Blaine Police Department


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