Police Department Reports, October 22-28, 2020


October 10, 1:40 a.m.: Officers responded to an alarm at a business. Officers found an open door, but it was not the same door as the alarm trip. Officers conducted a building search and nothing appeared disturbed. A false alarm report was sent to the business.

October 12, 1:49 a.m.: Officers responded to a suspicious circumstance of four people running by a window. No crime was reported. Officers checked the area and did not find anyone. No further action was taken.

October 12m 8:48 a.m.: While on routine patrol, an officer located a window broken on an abandoned building. While checking the area three hypodermic syringes were found on the ground. The hypodermic syringes were disposed of in a sharps container. The building was found undisturbed. Code enforcement was notified.

October 12, 5:52 p.m.: Blaine police were dispatched to a report of a subject fleeing after being caught prowling packages at a private condo complex on Boblett Street. Officers contacted the individual and detained him while the initial report was investigated. Officers learned the man had several outstanding warrants, had a suspended license and had numerous violations on the vehicle he was driving. The suspect was arrested and booked into Whatcom County Jail.

October 12, 5:45 p.m.: A Blaine police officer responded to the skate park for a report of a possible intoxicated man causing issues. An officer arrived and located a man matching the description as he was leaving the park. The man left without issue.

October 12, 6:05 p.m.: Blaine police responded to the 1000 block of H Street for a report of multiple bursts of gunshots in the area. An officer was driving through the area at the time did not hear any gunshots. Another officer interviewed a few people who were outside in the area at the time and told police they did not hear anything remotely close to this. No other calls from any other Blaine resident were made on the alleged complaint, so the officer cleared.

October 13, 2:40 p.m.: Officers on a traffic stop were approached by a man who started filming the interaction while driving by in his vehicle. The man continued to film, while driving, and yell at officers as he drove up to the vehicle that was pulled over. The officers were forced to divide their attention from the original traffic stop and instructed him to pull his vehicle to the side of the roadway for using electronic devices while driving. Officers cited the man for using an electronic device while driving and are referring charges to the prosecutor for obstructing a police officer.

October 14, 2:23 p.m.: Officers responded to the D Street alleyway’s 500 block range for a report of a verbal argument between two neighbors. Officers arrived and determined one party was yelling and threatening the other party over her dogs defecating in his yard. During the argument, the suspect made threats towards two separate female neighbors by making a throat-cutting gesture with his finger toward them. He also threatened to kill their animals. The suspect had previously left the area before officers arriving. Officers have probable cause to arrest the man for three counts of harassment.

October 16, 9:09 a.m.: Officers responded to the 5700 block range of Semiahmoo Drive for a report of a blocking collision involving a downed tree and powerlines in the road. Officers arrived and determined a tree fell onto the man’s work van while driving down the road. The tree caused apparent extensive damage to the van, which required it to be towed. Officers determined the man had no apparent injuries, and the debris was removed from the roadway. Puget Sound Energy arrived on the scene and determined the power lines had no electrical current flowing and were not a danger. Officers cleared with no further incident.


Reports provided by Blaine Police Department


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