Police reports: The best and the weird of 2020, January through June


January 3, 1:28 p.m.: A person called to report that a very tall metal flagpole at a business was leaning dangerously over because of a windstorm. The police arrived and noticed the flagpole did not appear to be in any danger of falling anytime soon.  The police officer also found that if the flagpole did fall over, it would fall into an empty field. An employee at the business indicated that they put in a priority work order to have the flagpole fixed. The police officer advised the business to call 911 if the pole fell over.

January 5, 2:30 p.m.: A Blaine officer responded to a report of an attempted burglary. Officers contacted the homeowner who explained they caught a subject on their closed-circuit television acting strangely in their back yard. The video shows the man knock the back door and then attempt to steal the camera once he notices it. When the homeowner came to the door she found the man running back to his van, which was parked in the driveway.

January 7, 7:23 p.m.: An officer took a report of an ongoing neighbor dispute. It was reported that neighbors were driving by at high rates of speed and flipping off the reporting party. The officer contacted the other party who blamed the reporting party. Information on how to obtain a no-contact order was given to the reporting party upon their request.

January 9, 7:16 p.m.: A Blaine officer was doing routine patrols and located a disabled vehicle on the side of the road. The officer contacted the driver and a friend who showed up to help with the disabled vehicle. The officer ran the friend through the Department of Licensing and her license came back as suspended in the third degree. She was arrested for driving on a suspended license in the third degree and was released with a future court date.

January 19, 7:09 p.m.: Blaine officers responded to a report of a vehicle backing down the northbound on-ramp at Interstate 5 and D Street. Officers were later advised that the vehicle was now at a local gas station. Officers contacted the driver and spoke with him about the dangers of backing down an on-ramp. The driver apologized. He told officers that he was lost and that he wouldn’t do it again.

January 27, 12:50 p.m.: A Blaine resident called 911 to report an older male in his 30s walking with a substantially younger female and advised the two were holding hands. The complainant told 911 dispatch that he suspected human trafficking. Officers responded and contacted the male and female who voluntarily identified themselves and advised that they are in a dating relationship. Officers determined the male is 16 years of age and the female is 17 years of age and were not committing any crimes, just enjoying a walk in the park. Officers cleared with no incident.

March 8, 8 a.m.: Blaine officers responded to the 1200 block of 3rd Street for a report of a man asking to use a phone to call 911. Officers arrived and contacted the individual who was exhibiting signs of ill mental health. While speaking to the individual he advised officers he witnessed his phone and pillow levitate and can’t find his phone now. Officers advised the man to cease knocking on random doors and disrupting the peace. The man walked away on his own accord.

March 18, 1:44 p.m.: Blaine officers responded to the 2400 block of Earls Court for a report of a neighbor dispute. A woman complained her neighbor directly behind her was throwing rotten fruit over the fence and yelling about her dog, which she claimed was disrupting her children at play. Officers determined no crime was committed. The complainant provided a photograph of one half of a potato at the bottom of the fence.

March 19, 11:40 a.m.: A parent reported their child called or messaged him saying he believed someone was in the house. The police arrived and contacted the young man who stated that after he contacted his dad, he discovered there were no humans in the house, but a bird had gotten inside. The bird was causing a lot of noise as it was trying to escape. The bird was safely removed from the house.

May 10, 5:30 p.m.: Blaine officers responded to a harassment complaint reported in the 1600 block of Runge Avenue. The complainant reported an individual had walked into their residence without permission, yelling at children. Officers located the individual who stated he was upset about the behavior of the children. The individual was told to seek out an adult to address the behavior of the

May 28, 2:05 a.m.: Officers responded to a noise complaint of someone singing loudly, possibly chopping wood and possibly fighting. Officers found the house after hearing what sounded like someone chopping wood. The residents refused to answer the door and hid out of sight, which caused them to quiet down. The residents did not appear to have been in a physical fight. Officers cleared with no further action.

May 29, 12:45 a.m.: A parent reported someone egged her house. The police determined the reporting person’s juvenile child egged another person’s house, and then the juvenile from that house egged the reporting person’s house. The police determined no property was damaged to either house, and neither parent wanted to pursue charges. Both juveniles agreed to stay away from each

June 13, 1:04 a.m.: An officer on patrol noticed a man urinating in public, behind his car parked on Peace Portal Drive. When the officer stopped to talk to the man, the man began walking away. The officer verbally identified himself as police and told the man to stop. The man kept walking and sat back down at the bar. The officer confronted the man who claimed to make a stupid mistake and didn’t want to get in trouble. Police advised the bartender the man was cut-off and also advised the man he had committed a crime in Blaine. The man was released with a warning and advised to stop when the police call out to him.

June 27, 2:27 a.m.: A person reported a suspicious person was stumbling around their yard. The police located the person sleeping in a yard who was highly intoxicated. The police woke the person up who indicating they were trying to get home, but was lost. The police gave the person a courtesy ride home and had his mother keep watch over him. Officers cleared with no further incident.


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